Spawns of Austrolebias nigripinnis «La Peregrina ARG-APKP 2011-04»

We offer 10-day pair spawns of Austrolebias nigripinnis «La Peregrina ARG-APKP 2011-04» – a South American temperate annual killifish. The eggs are in coir, packed in a plastic bag and posted in a padded bubble envelope protected by rock-wool. Habitat and Climate Austrolebias nigripinnis «La Peregrina ARG-APKP 2011-04» were originally collected in a temporary pool along the National Route […]

Nothobranchius eggersi

Nothobranchius eggersi originates from Pwani Region of Tanzania. The species is endemic to the lower Rufiji River including the Selous Game Reserve and freshwater parts of the Rufiji River delta region. Inhabits ephemeral, water-filled depressions, pools and swamps mostly located in lowland floodplains. Water levels in these seasonally-variable habitats typically decrease during the dry season […]