Pseudepiplatys annulatus

A miniature killifish known in the trade as the Clown Killie – Pseudepiplatys annulatus originates from West Africa. This species inhabits lowland swamps, slowly-moving streams and small rivers in areas of open savannah and tropical rainforest where it’s found among marginal vegetation or aquatic plants. The climate across its range is hot and wet with […]

Glycera dibranchiata

Indigenous to mud flats along coastal areas around the USA and Mexico, Glycera dibranchiata worms are very hardy creatures known for their ability to thrive in very little oxygen thanks to their high tolerance for all sorts of salinity environments. The good news is that Mother Nature will do most of the work of propagating […]

Pachypanchax omalonotus

Pachypanchax omalonotus originates from Diana Region of Madagascar. The presence of rows of discrete metallic gold spots on the flanks and the absence of iridescent white edging along the upper and lower margins of the caudal fin distinguishes living male Pachypanchax omalonotus from all remaining Malagasy congeners. Breeding is relatively easy, employing a spawning method […]

Nothobranchius eggersi

Nothobranchius eggersi originates from Pwani Region of Tanzania. The species is endemic to the lower Rufiji River including the Selous Game Reserve and freshwater parts of the Rufiji River delta region. Inhabits ephemeral, water-filled depressions, pools and swamps mostly located in lowland floodplains. Water levels in these seasonally-variable habitats typically decrease during the dry season […]

Fundulopanchax Keeping and Breeding Data

  Fundulopanchax is a genus of killifish living in near-coastal fresh water streams and lakes in Western Africa. All species were previously biologically classified as members of the genus Aphyosemion, with the exception of Fundulopanchax avichang, F. gresensi and F. kamdemi, which were all scientifically described after the major revision of the Aphyosemion complex. The […]

New Nothobranchius Profiles at Béla Nagy’s Website

Béla Nagy has added some more Nothobranchius species profiles at his website. It’s one of the best Nothobranchius-dedicated websites available today. Lots of amazing photographs taken by the author and some other ones like Ruud Wildekamp and Brian Watters. The recently added profiles are: Nothobranchius fasciatus, Nothobranchius kirki, Nothobranchius rubroreticulatus and Nothobranchius torgashevi. In total […]