Fundulopanchax marmoratus «Mbonge» Spawn Packs

  We offer eggs of 10-day pair spawns of amazing Fundulopanchax marmoratus «Mbonge» originating from a rainforest stream 16 km northeast of Mbonge on the road to Kumba, in Meme Department, Région du Sud-Ouest, Western Cameroon. Please contact us for prices. Fundulopanchax marmoratus «Mbonge» is an easy species which can be prolific if fed well. This species is quite peaceful and can be kept in large groups if […]

Austrolebias nigripinnis

Austrolebias nigripinnis originates from temporary pools of the Lower Paraná and Uruguay River basins in South America. For breeding purposes the aquarium size should be at least 10 – 15 litres for a pair or trio (1 male and 2 females). This fish is not aggressive, although there might be an occasional aggressive male that might […]

Corydoras sterbai

Corydoras sterbai is one of the most popular species of Corydoras due to its attractive markings. Sterba’s Cory is distinguishable from other Corydoras species as it has white spots on its head from eyes down to snout. Like many Corydoras species, Sterba’s Cory is a shoaling catfish, and thus should ideally be kept in groups of […]

Aphyosemion australe

Aphyosemion australe originates from lowland areas along much of the Gabon’s coastline plus that of Congo which borders Gabon to the south. Breeding is relatively easy, employing a spawning method known amongst hobbyists as «egg scattering». There exists several different methods of spawning it, and much is down to personal preference. A pair can easily be […]

Fundulus kansae

Fundulus kansae originates from drainages to the north of the Red River of Texas and the Texas-Oklahoma border (USA). They are found in small, loosely organized schools composed of fish of the same general size. The species inhabits shallow, turbid waters over sandy-bottom, with slow to moderate current and elevated dissolved solids. Normally found in shallow […]